ReykjavikurAkademian-LOGORA is a private non-profit foundation based on an association for independent scholars (estd. 1997) that has devised a rather unique environment for the pursuit of various non-affiliated research within liberal arts, humanities and social science. Scientific base-research within the framework of cultural, social science and humanities are the main component of the organization, and has supported a wide range of scholars from Masters Degree candidates, Pre- and Post-Docs, to seasoned scholars. During the past 15 years RA has also housed and supported numerous other activities such as scholarly writings for the general public, educational and fiction writings, translations, documentary filmmaking, copy editing, publishing, presentation design and conference planning, to name a few. While engaged in such pursuits many of our scholars work as lecturers and instructors for different educational levels within the established school system, especially higher education.
RA has the capacity to house up to 40 scholars at a time and can provide various different work environments such as shared or private office space, and short-term or temporary access to library and communal space. RA places emphasis on easy access to internet connection, printer, scanner and basic computer service as needed.
RA’s grant agreement with the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture from 2014 stipulates that RA grant university students pursuing a higher degree, in Iceland and abroad, assistance and access as much as possible, and also provide RA members with guidance and information regarding grant opportunities, grant writing, and grant management as well as establishing cooperation with local and international scholars.