Please find below guidelines for your contribution to the proceedings, the conference report. Please note: Last date for sending, September 1st 2015.

In order to get a coherent publication and to make the editorial work held at a minimum, we have made the following criteria for the written material:


All materials should be sent to us electronically as ”attachment”, in Word format.

Note:  We only accept pictures, illustrations, text, diagrams or other material electronically.

Photos, illustrations: Please send photos and illustrations in separate files, and mark in the text where you want them placed. Do not send too many and make clear your preferences, for example use numbers with no. 1 as your first choice.



A4 format

Single-spaced line distance

Margins: Use wide margins (3 cm.) on both sides and at the top and bottom

Type:  Times New Roman

Type size no. 12 Do not use any other type size in the article. Use bold text for headings and/or use italics, as in the text suiting your needs.

Please, do not use other formats than 12 unless it is absolutely necessary!

Diagrams: If you have a text prepared including diagrams or illustrations we ask that you send this to us also as only text, with diagrams and illustrations in separate files.

Length:         2-5 pages. Keynote speakers 10 –15 pages.


Title of article: Placed on line 1


Author’s name: Placed on line 2

The author’s title and/or affiliation and addresses or telephone numbers or mail addresses are placed at the end (after the bibliography)

Bibliographical references are placed in the text, Harvard style, (not as footnotes or

comments). Example: (Copeland and Cohen 1983:14)

Please avoid footnotes and endnotes.

Bibliography is placed at the end of the text, and is written in the following manner:

Author’s last name, first name (year of publication) Title of book. Place of publication: Name of Publishing Company.


Copeland, Roger and Marshall, Cohen, eds.(1983) What is Dance? Readings in Theory and Criticism. New York: Oxford University Press.

For article:

Author’s last name, first name (year of publication) Title of article. Title of publication. Pages. Place of publication: Name of Publishing Company.


Adewole, Funmi (2005) Dance Theatre and African Identities: Crossing Physicality and Academia, Proceedings 7th NOFOD Conference Reykjavik, April 15-18 2004 p.12-26. Reykjavik: Gudjón Ó.

Publishing rights:

Each individual author has to take responsibility for securing the publishing rights to the material they themselves do not own, for example photos, illustrations.

Each author’s responsibility for this will be stated in print in the proceedings.

Please send the material as e-mail with attachments to:

Editorial questions to Sesselja G. Magnúsdóttir,